The Daily Energy Report

“Benefits of Hiring an Energy Consultant”


Do You Need an Energy Consultant?

Is your building leaky, drafty, and uncomfortable to be in?

Is it expensive to cool your building?

Are you looking to build a building that the utility costs are lower than average?

Would you like to participate in Energy Star?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider hiring an energy consultant.


What I Need To Know When I’m selecting an Energy Consultant:

When you are hiring an energy consultant to evaluate your existing Building you should verify that the Consultant is able to do energy assessment testing and understands the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirements for healthy indoor air quality. Energy Auditors either work as independent consultants or with a contracting company that can also do the work. They are trained to prioritize a list of measures for your specific Building to save you energy and money. Your building is unique and an energy consultant will take the time to understand your building, your needs, your budget and then make the necessary recommendations.


Just like hiring an Architect, Energy Consultants tend to excel in one area of study

– existing buildings, commercial, multi-family, sustainability planning, new construction, or resource planning. Hire an energy consultant that meets the needs and expectations of your project and you will be surprised at their skill and knowledge.


• PRIDE Industries’ HQ Earns EPA’s ENERGY STAR® for Superior Energy Efficiency ~ March 16, 2011


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• ASHRAE Awards Harold D. Cullick, PE, Certification for Commissioning Process Management ~ December 10, 2010


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• ASHRAE Awards Harold D. Cullick, PE, Certification for Building Operations and Performances ~ March 20, 2009


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